Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Easterly puts up gas consumption

Who is surprised. No-one as far as I know. The peak demand last year was actually about 420 mcm/d (information obtained from reading a very small graph so prone to a lot of error).

The interconnector figure recently are Mon-5, Sun-14, Sat-5. The warmings from the Isle of Grain have also dropped off into the low digits. The price has dropped as well to a reasonable level. This may be affecting those figures.

With Europe cold the big question is how much flow do we get from the Interconnector as it get cold here. At the time of writing there are planned withdrawals from storage. This week has perhaps a colder blast of weather than November, but as it is Christmas week that keeps demand low.

The big question is the breakdown of the blocking Easterly flow. When and how. Then what happens during January.


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