Monday, December 12, 2005

Weekend looking cold

There seems to be a general sentiment from a weather perspective that the weekend will be cold. There are even predictions of being below 0C in London. The gas system should be able to cope with that although it will involve taking gas from the "linepack". Today and tomorrow are taking from storage although the weekend saw gas put back into storage.

Isle of Grain is performing far better and Beach is at its winter peak so far.

This prediction for London weather looks quite worrying from a gas perspective. It does, of course, depend upon what happens across the rest of the country as to how well the systems cope.

It is possible for the use of short term storage to start earlier, but that basically depends upon the weather. We have, so far, managed to avoid making use of short term storage.

We have done a bit more research on the UK's previous energy crisis of 1947 and it is ironic how many things are similar. As now people were arguing that the country should have economised on fuel usage in December and the proverbial hit the fan in Feb.


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