Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tomorrow answers the Ukraine Question

It will be interesting to find out what the imports are tomorrow. Current NG predictions run at 378 mcm. This is only a few mcm short of the peak during this winter. Given that we are now during the week and NTS consumption has jumped by about 20 mcm if we have days about the same as last Thursday (remember, problems with electricity supply - NISM and minor interruptions of gas supply) then we could have a bigger problem tomorrow and Friday. The weekend should calm down, but I will be looking to see if we have to start hitting the short term storage.
Tues 3/172.3254
Mon 2/170.4254
Sun 1/154239
Sat 31/1240.7249
Fri 30/1249.5292
Thurs 29/1249.1333
Weds 28/1244.6342

NTS is basically big industrial particularly gas electricity generators. Local Delivery Zone is everyone else domestic, commercial and some small industrial - including our hospitals on interruptible contracts.


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