Friday, February 03, 2006

First call on Short Term Storage - peak demand, peak imports

The cold weather currently hitting the UK has resulted in the first call on Short Term gas Storage yesterday according to John Hemming MP, the Chairman of the Independent Energy Scrutiny Panel.

"We managed to import a pleasing winter maximum of 41 million cubic metres of gas from Belgium. That is substantially more than has been the case previously. However, for some reason Medium Term Storage was unable to run at its maximum quoted rate of 284 GWh with only 235 GWh taken from Medium Range Storage. 62 GWh (6 mcm) was, therefore, taken from Short Term Storage."

"The total demand was 402 which is a maximum for this winter. "

"Where the UK goes from here depends, of course, on the weather. The North Atlantic Oscillation is currently slightly negative and numerical forecasting is predicting weather that gets slightly milder before falling cold in the middle of next week."


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