Thursday, March 16, 2006

Foundry Gas Problems

I have been told that some West Midlands Foundries are not getting the gas they are supposed to get. I need to check this further.

In the mean time Wednesday actually saw a small amount of gas back into storage although today's demand is estimated at ~30 mcm greater than yesterday.


Blogger nicki said...

Been following this blog with interest for some days - I thought this article was worth sharing:

Longer than expected Rough outage further pressurizes gas prices

12:36 PM  
Blogger Chris Vernon said...

What gets me is that this last week or so has been significantly colder that a typical March and yet gas demand hasn't been significantly above (indeed it's sometimes been below) the SND (Seasonal Normal Demand) - how is this possible when demand is so closely related to temperature and it's been much colder than the Seasonal Norm?

Has there been a large amount of industrial demand destruction that the media hasn't reported?

7:06 AM  

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