Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The big storage question

The following is a storage usage report for a period from 4th Jan to 5th Jan. This is after the Gas Balancing Alert. On this there is still some gas being taken from Partington and there has been gas taken from the other short term storage sites (Avonmouth and Glenmavis) although Dynevor has not been used.
2010 01 05 storage usage
The problem is that the main variability of demand is linked to the weather. The actual storage used figures will not be available until 4pm (for up to 6am in the morning) although a guess can be made from these figures.

Gas cannot be cut off in the same way as a power cut. One large industrial use is for electricity generation. Some of this can transfer to using oil, but electricity usage also goes up in cold weather.

Things are not as bad as from 2005-7, but a prolonged cold spell will cause difficulties.


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