Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rough closed for a month !!!

The fragility of the UK Gas Supply system has been highlighted by the closure of the Rough Storage Facility possibly for a month.

"The weather next week is predicted to be cold enough to challenge the normal gas supply situation," said John Hemming MP, Chairman of the Independent Energy Scrutiny Panel. "However, with the cessation of supplies from the Rough storage facility we are now in a much tighter situation."

"The interconnector from Belgium is actually doing quite well importing 45 mcm/d which is far more than was previously the case. This demonstrates that the arguments about market liberalisation are not the key arguments. However, knocking out Rough cuts supply by about 45 mcm/d. This means that yesterday 280 GWh (compared to a quoted maximum of 284 GWh) was taken from Medium Term Storage."

"We have 19.3 days of Medium Term Storage but far less short term storage. I expect that today there will be gas taken from Short Term storage. This has a maximum flow rate of 526 GWh, but there is only 1724 GWh in Medium Term Storage. A rough guess would indicate that today 150 GWh (10%) of Short Term Storage will be used. We will know that figure late tomorrow."

"Parliament is currently on half term, but it could quite likely return to quite a serious gas supply problem."


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