Tuesday, January 12, 2010

GBA Trigger Cut to 447.5 mcm/d

The trigger for a gas balance alert has been cut substantially. This has not been explained by National Grid, but I would assume it is because of there being limited stored gas.

As at 6am this morning there was 2 days of Short Range Storage 728 GWh at 57% of capacity. 8 days of Medium Range Storage 4907 GWh (at maximum capacity) with 50% full and 59 days of LRS.

LRS will continue running at 44-45 mcm/d. MRS is not being used at maximum capacity. At a guess the system will become less stressed over the weekend. It may even be possible to reinject gas into SRS and put the trigger back up.

As at now very little MRS is being used and Norway is running at over 70 mcm. We could be over the current hiccup now.


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