Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saturday's NSS falls to 346

With 93 mcm from storage (LRS: 44, MRS: 37, SRS: 11), but only demand of 439 that gives Non Storage supply of 346 which is less than the assumed figure of 363.

We know that a lot of this is from the reduction in Norwegian supplies. It is worth looking at storage usage from 1st Jan as follows. This demonstrates Rough thudding away providing a reliable (apart from in March 2006) 44-45 mcm/d and short term usage of MRS and SRS.

2010 01 10 storage so far

As at now, however, there is a call on SRS at Avonmouth - which really shouldn't be the case and Langeled is running at 27mcm/d. Today's forecast demand is 422.5 and tomorrow 424.


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