Friday, February 24, 2006

Statements by Centrica Storage

These explain where a small amount of gas may have come from.

Force Majeure Update 24 February 2006 Part 1 Published: 24.02.2006 12:02

Rough Update

Update on Rough Incident

The purpose of this notice is to update Customers and Market Participants on the progress of the investigation into the cause of the incident at Rough on 16 February 2006 and our current plans to repair the plant and resume normal operations.

Four separate teams have been established and are working on:

• Investigation of the incident and establishing its root cause,
• Restoring power and support services to platform 3b,
• Damage assessment and
• Development of recovery and reinstatement plans.

Further temporary generators are also being shipped to the platform as part of the plan to restore full power and services. Full power will allow us to increase manning levels and provide the services required for the detailed damage assessment, implementation of recovery plans and, ultimately, reinstatement of normal operations. We have now purged and depressurised gas from the Rough platform into the NTS.

At this time we have no more definitive information on the possible duration of the outage. Our initial estimate that Rough is unlikely to be available for one month remains unchanged. We would re-emphasise our statement of 20th February that this estimate is based on a preliminary assessment of the scene and is subject to change.

Force Majeure Update 24 February 2006 Part 2 Published: 24.02.2006 12:02

By the end of next week (3 March 2006) we hope to be in a position to report further on our recovery plans. If so, we will then be able to provide an updated assessment of the likely period of the outage.

In any event we will continue to keep you updated of any material changes or developments as appropriate.

Prior to the resumption of normal operations, integrity and verification checks will take place. Appropriate sign-off will be required from the Independent Competent Persons involved and the Health and Safety Executive. We can confirm that the Health and Safety Executive visited the platform yesterday, and will continue to be involved pending the resumption of full operations.

The nature of the incident, and indeed the nature of investigations into all such incidents, means that it is not possible at this time to accurately predict the duration of the investigation into the root cause or its outcome.

Bruce Walker
Managing Director
Centrica Storage Limited


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