Monday, January 18, 2010

Trigger back up again

With the cold snap having ceased demand is now in the comfort zone under 400 mcm/d. From an engineering perspective I am unhappy at the low level of reinjection into medium range and short range storage.

Yesterday, for example, demand was 352, but non storage supply was only 346 with 5 mcm into MRS and 11 mcm out of LRS.

NSS is supposed to be around 363 which should have enabled more injection into storage and nothing to be taken from LRS. However, that is the way the rules fail to work properly.

Malcolm Wicks has spotted this now he is no longer the minister.

As usual, however, this won't do any harm unless we get too much cold weather.

It remains, however, that we cannot cope with the National Grid's estimated peak demand.


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