Wednesday, January 27, 2010

MRS - now below previous low point

At 6am on 15th January MRS was at 4,347. We have had relatively mild weather since then, but with a cold day yesterday an additional 37mcm was taken from MRS. That was on top of 17mcm the day before. This takes MRS down below that earlier low point. It is now at 4,298 GWh.

From an Engineer's perspective the failure to reinject gas in substantial quantities in relatively mild weather is a flaw in the system.

The problem is that the decisions are driven not by a desire for resiliance, but on a risk profile and desire to resell the gas later at a profit. Excessive stored gas loses money for those storing it.

Whether this matters in practise depends on a mixture of weather and whether there are any other technical failures - such as the Troll problem.
2010 01 27 MRS graph
At least the weather is looking up at the moment.


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